Terms and Disclaimers

General Disclaimers

At The bladery we believe that weaponry, particularly historic weaponry is an art form.  We do not endorse violence or the use of weapons to inflict pain or injury.  We believe that you can appreciate weaponry and armor without violence.

Handmade Disclaimers

Most of The Bladery Collection products are handmade in the United States.  While our Replica Jewelry is handmade in many places.

Most of our items are Pre-Made and ready to ship, but occasionally we will offer Made to Order Items.  Made to Order items will take some time to make after they have been ordered.  Check the listing carefully to understand if you are ordering Pre-Made or Made to Order.  Each Listing will say whether it is Pre-Made or Made to Order in the description.  Check the item listing to see how long that particular Made to Order item will take to create and ship.

*Products may vary slightly from the product pictures due to being handmade.  Keep this in mind when purchasing a product.

All Measurements are approximate.  Since they are handmade they may vary slightly.

Use the Sizing Guide when Ordering your ring size for the best fit.

Custom Orders

We rarely offer custom orders, but when we do they are exclusively offered to members of our VIP WARRIOR Email List. You can join the Email List here.

We will send out an email with the custom order openings approximately 2-4 times a year.

Weaponry Disclaimers

The Bladery’s jewelry is inspired by bladed weaponry and armor, but are not intended to be functional weapons or armor. None of the metals are hardened or sharpened to a functioning bladed edge. We are not responsible for someone altering our jewelry to give it a functioning edge or using it as a weapon.

Though these are jewelry and are not functioning weapons please check your Country, State, and County Laws or Regulations to see the rules you must comply to in your area.

Keep in mind when flying it is advisable not to wear or carry on anything, including jewelry, that looks like a weapon.  We are not responsible for our jewelry being confiscated as weaponry by any organization such as the TSA.

The Bladery and any of its associates are not responsible for how someone chooses to use or misuse our products.

By purchasing from our website you agree that you have read our Terms and Disclaimers and do not hold us responsible for your use of our products.