Getting Ready for Summer! Amphitrite and the Dory

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond ready for the summer.  So I have been hard at work the last couple months on a summer collection that will launch in late June.

The Bladery Summer Collection is coming so here is my inspiration!

One of my favorite Greek Gods is Poseidon and one of my favorite stories is the one where he finds his wife Amphitrite.

Amphitrite Summer Collection

Amphitrite was the eldest of the Nerieds.  According to Eratosthenes when Poseidon saw the Nerieds he fell for Amphitrite and asked Amphitrite to marry him. She decided not to marry and went into hiding. Poseidon sent many messengers to find her. Delphin (Leader among Dolphins) was the messenger who eventually found Amphitrite and persuaded her to marry Poseidon.  Because of this Poseidon put a dolphin among the constellations.

So this summer I am honoring the much overlooked goddess of the sea Amphitrite and the classic Greek Dory.

The Greek Dory is an important weapon in Greek history.  It was used by the Greek Heavy Infantry and Spartans. It was a one handed spear.  The length allowed Greeks to fight at a good distance from their opponents.  It also had a butt at the back of the spear that allowed it to be useful even when broken or damaged.

The Jewelry

I decided to use parts of the sea to represent Amphitrite because she is the personification of the sea.  Abstract bubbles and a mother of pearl bead are integrated into the bubble-esc chains used in the jewelry to represent Amphitrite. There is a spearhead dangling from a chain which represents the shaft of the spear.  In the collection there are several earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring; all of which can be purchased in blackened silver or shiny silver, representing the dark stormy sea or the bright calm sea.

Hope that gives you some insight into the upcoming collection. I know I am looking forward to it!


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