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Designer Wilder thinking up her next daring design

Wilder is a trained Metalsmith who received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as well as a Concentration in Literature.  After graduated she showed her work at multiple Art and Craft Shows throughout the East Coast of the United States.  Before creating The Bladery Wilder’s work was featured in the ELLE Magazine 25th Anniversary Edition, ELLE Online, The Virginia Pilot, and New York Fashion Week.

Since The Bladery was born in 2016 has been seen in multiple nationwide and state publications.

The Bladery is all about being unique and embracing what makes you who you are.  Jewelry inspired by weapons, history, and awesome help you embrace your inner bad-ass.

Be the most DARING person in the room with The Bladery.

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Wilder Previous Features (Before starting The Bladery)

ELLE Magazine Fashion Week 2010:

Wilder's work at Fashion Week

Wilder's Headpiece at Elle Fashion Week

The Virginian Pilot’s Daily Break

Wilder's Work in The Virginia Pilot's Daily Break