Not So Little Mermaid Collection

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Are you a Badass Mermaid? Do you want something unique and fun to wear on your Summer Adventures?

The Not So Little Mermaid Collection Jewelry will make you into a Sea Goddess like Amphitrite.

Who is Amphitrite? What is the Greek Dory

Not So Little Mermaid Amphitrite

Amphitrite is the Greek Goddess of the Sea and Wife of Poseidon. The Greek Dory is one handed spear that is a classic Greek Heavy Infantry weapon.  To read more about Amphitrite/how she met Poseidon and the Greek Dory read my Blog Post at The Battlegrounds HERE.

The Jewelry

I decided to use parts of the sea to represent Amphitrite because she is the personification of the sea.  Abstract bubbles and a mother of pearl bead are integrated into the bubble-esc chains used in the jewelry to represent Amphitrite. There is a spearhead dangling from a chain which represents the shaft of the spear.  In the collection there are several earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring; all of which can be purchased in blackened silver or shiny silver, representing the dark stormy sea or the bright calm sea. ~Wilder

Bring out your inner Badass Mermaid with the Not So Little Mermaid Collection!

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*Disclaimer: jewelry is inspired by weaponry, but not intended to be used as a weapon. See full disclaimer here.