Holiday Collection Time

So it is getting to be that time of year when it isn’t even Halloween and Christmas decorations are already showing up in stores.  Every year Christmas gets earlier and earlier.  Now I have nothing against Christmas, but Halloween needs its turn too.  Which is why I am happy to be making my newest collection.

It’s got some of the best Halloween themes, Demons, Horns, Chains, and Screaming Children… That’s right I have been working on my Christmas Collection, WAIT, what?!  Oh yeah, that’s right, my Christmas collection.  This year Christmas at The Bladery is all about


Yep, the counter part to Saint Nick who punishes the naughty children.  Now I know I just said that I don’t like Christmas coming early and pushing aside Halloween, but I feel like Krampus would be just as comfortable on All Hallows Eve as any other demon.  With that in mind I started working on my Holiday Collection and it is going to be ready for release just before Halloween.

So get ready to see the creation of the Krampus Collection with a guest appearance by the Austrian Scythe in my next blog post.