The Bladery- Love weapons and armor? Love jewelry? Then we are for you! Armor and Weapon Jewelry for the Warrior

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Be the most DARING person in the room

The Bladery is the only all weapon, armor, and history inspired jewelry company.  We strive to make weapon inspired jewelry that the fashionable person can wear everyday.  When you wear our jewelry you are wearing jewelry inspired by weapons, armor, history, and awesome!

A Designer/Maker Owned Company

We are thrilled that everyone who wears our Bladery jewelry, knows they are getting a unique accessory worthy of a victorious warrior returning from battle.

Before I created The Bladery, I was just making the usual (albeit quirky) jewelry that you see at art shows.

I collect jewelry, weapons, armor, and nerdy things so naturally one day I was looking online for weapon jewelry. All I could find were offerings here and there that were just tiny replicas of weapons and I was a nit disappointed. Even though those are cool I wanted something more fashion informed and creative in design.  Ideally I wanted somewhere I could get creative weapon jewelry as well as the replica jewelry all at the same place.

That is when I thought, why don’t I do that? I’m a trained Metalsmith who loves all these things, I’ll do it!

I was concerned that creating a company that solely concentrated on weaponry was too limiting. But then I thought about the other people who are looking for beautiful strong jewelry that reflects their personality and I realized that I can make them happy with my designs.

So, I set out to create the most stylish and unique weapon inspired jewelry for the most DARING person in the room.

It turns out, the battlefield that led to creating The Bladery had some obstacles.

When I first discussed the company concept of The Bladery to people they gave me that “OK…” side eye that you get when you are going outside the box a bit too much.

However, I knew that if I combined the right amount of history/folklore with weapons from the same region that I could create pieces that had impact. I had a vision for The Bladery and I wasn’t going to give up, so I started designing and making.

I still feared no one would understand the products, maybe they would just think they are weird or too specific?

Through all the doubts, I released my first products and the response has been EPIC. Everyone who sees the designs loves them and their concept.

So that is how The Bladery website was born.  We have our Bladery Collections (which are designed and created by me) and our Replica Jewelry that we get from all over the world.  We carry both so that you can get the weapon/armor jewelry that you love most!

Weapon Jewelry- Memento Mori Pendant

Why Weapon Jewelry

As a Metalsmith weaponry has a pretty strong allure because of its use of different metals throughout history. The history of weapons is a long and varied one. Weapons were originally being made from stone which was then overtaken by copper. Copper being a soft metal ended up being replaced by bronze which held a point better. Bronze was then overtaken by iron and finally steel. Now weapons can be seen being made from most any metal, including gold and silver which can be seen in ceremonial and decorative weapons.

Besides the use of different metals Weaponry has a history of exceptional design and artistry.  Weapons in many cultures are beautiful in their detail; many with complicated engraving, stones set in the hilt, and exotic hilt materials.  All these things combine to make bladed weaponry the perfect inspiration for modern alternative jewelry.


I want you to feel like you are getting a special gift when you order from me.  That’s why your jewelry will come in a black jewelry pouch, jewelry box, and special thank you note from me. Some collections also come with a special description card!




More About Wilder

Wilder trained as a Metalsmith at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing as well as a Concentration in Literature.  In her final year at RISD her work was featured in ELLE Magazine’s Fashion Week Runway Show as well as in their 25th Anniversary Magazine.  She designs jewelry and sells it at shows in the Eastern United States.

See more about The Bladery and Wilder in the Press here.

Outside of being a Metalsmith Wilder loves books, fashion, costuming, forging, martial arts, history, and weaponry. All these interests make for the varied inspiration for her designs.  Now she finally gets to combine everything she loves through her company The Bladery.