Krampus Collection

(Our Holiday Collection)

Our whole Limited Holiday Collection is BACK

Including 2 Entirely NEW Pieces!

but only for Christmas in July (July 25th – 31st!) ENDING IN:

Do you want to be DARING?

At a loss for what to get your AWESOME alternative/rocker/nerd friend or family member for the Holidays?

Then you need some Krampus Collection Jewelry in your life.

krampus holiday map

The Jewelry

I wanted to design a collection that would help you find the perfect gift for the person in your life who is a little different.  That is when I came up with our Holiday 2016 Collection, with just enough history and uniqueness to be the perfect gift.  There are 8 different pieces of jewelry in this collection to choose from, so no matter your friend or family members stye is, you will find something to fit their personality.  When designing this collection I was inspired by the horns and chains that represent Krampus and the traditional Austrian Scythe.  I mean we are a bladed weapon inspired jewelry company, so I couldn’t resist putting in a reference to one of Austria’s most famous blades. ~Wilder

Who is Krampus?

Ever wonder who takes care of the “bad” kids during the holidays?  Well, Saint Nicholas leaves that to Krampus.  Originally from Austrian pagan folk lore, Krampus has become the counterpart to Saint Nicholas during the holidays.  The lore of Krampus has spread throughout Europe where he punishes naughty children on Krampus Night, December 5th.  He is a goat/demon with horns and hooves, though he changes appearance and name depending on region.  He comes up to punish naughty children with chains and a bundle of birch sticks/whip; occasionally taking them back with him to hell in baskets.

So if you have a “BAD” kid who is now an AWESOME adult give them a little Krampus this holiday to wear all year round!

The Austrian Scythe

This classic blade has been around since the 12th century.  It is traditionally an agricultural tool for reaping crops.  Traditionally scythes had a long wooden handle and a curved steel blade mounted at the end at a 90 degree angle.

*Disclaimer: jewelry is inspired by weaponry, but not intended to be used as a weapon. See full disclaimer here.